Why Your Social Media Profiles are Important

July 24th 2012       Sally Ormond       social media marketing, social media profiles

I first posted this on my blog www.freelancecopywritersblog.com, but I thought I’d also share it with you here:


The Importance of Social Media Profiles

Have you ever wondered how some people end up everywhere on the web?

If you Google their name, reams and reams of listings appear. How do they do it? How do they make themselves so visible?

The answer is good old fashioned search engine optimisation.

If you’re thinking I’ve finally lost it because surely, SEO is surely just for websites, let me put your mind at ease. No, I haven’t completely lost it. SEO is just as important for your social media profiles as it is for your website.

The whole point about filling in your profile on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social networking sites, is to make yourself visible to potential clients or business partners. So if you’re not making the most of them, why bother?


To illustrate my point, after Googling ‘Sally Ormond’ the first page of search results alone show 6 social media/networking profiles.

So not only does my website and blog appear, but anyone searching for information about me will also see my name splattered all over the web with numerous profiles (and blog posts and articles) detailing all the great work I do for my clients.

That’s pretty powerful stuff.

OK, I hear what you’re saying – Sally Ormond is my name as opposed to a search term that I would optimise for.

So what if I amended my search to ‘Sally Ormond Copywriter’ or ‘Sally Ormond freelance copywriter’?







social media profiles
















(Sally Ormond Copywriter)                                                    (Sally Ormond Freelance Copywriter)


As you can see, in both cases even more social media sites appear.

So there you go – this is why it’s essential to make your profiles stand out. That doesn’t mean you have to cram them with your keywords. But make sure your keyword (which is probably your primary business activity) appears near the beginning of your description.

Filling the web with great information about you and what you can do for your clients is essential if you want to position yourself as an expert in your field. After all, it’s becoming more common for people to Google other people so they can find out a bit about them. If nothing shows up (or very little), what does that tell you?

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