Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

December 17th 2013       Sally Ormond       effective emails, Email marketing, improving click rate, open rates for emails

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What would you class as an acceptable open rate for your email marketing campaign?

Do you know what click rate you should be aiming for?

Well, to be honest it depends on the industry you are in. To give you an idea check out the table provided by MailChimp.

How do you compare?

If your performance is falling short, here are a few things that could be going wrong.

Common causes of poor email marketing results

1. Unclear

Make sure your reader knows what your email is about. That means making sure your subject line and email contact are aligned to each other.

If you promise something and then fail to deliver, you’ll loose their trust and they will (probably) unsubscribe.

2. Too long

Try to cover too much in your email and they won’t bother reading it.

If you have an article you want to include, post it on your website and then add a teaser in email with a link out to the whole article. That way, your email stays short and you drive traffic to your website.

Ideally, your newsletter should be somewhere between 400 – 600 words.

3. You

Who are you talking about in your email? You or your customer?

If it’s about you, delete it and start again. It’s essential you email is all about what you can do for your customer. It exists to help you build strong relationships so it must add value. Give them useful information, tips and perhaps an offer, but never ever talk about you.

4. Call to action

Or rather a lack of one.

Sending the email out doesn’t mean the reader will automatically do something. So if you want them to visit your website, call you, or download your latest report, tell them.

5. Typos

No matter how many times you proofread your email before it gets sent, there’s always the chance that a typo may slip through.

If it does happen (or you make a real blooper), don’t just redraft and send, send an apology and offer them something for the inconvenience.

They won’t think badly of you if you apologise.

How to write engaging emails

I’ve told you what may be causing your low open and click rate, so how about a few tips on how to write effective emails?

  • Be yourself – inject some personality into your writing and be conversational
  • Be happy -great emails are written when you’re in a good mood
  • Read out loud -this is the best way to check for errors
  • Connect – write about something your readers can connect with
  • Email address –┬ámake sure the email address you send from is real (i.e. it has your company name in it)

None of those are complicated, but they can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your emails.

Give them a try.


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