Why You Should Use Sub Headings In Your Copywriting

December 26th 2013       Sally Ormond       copywriting tips, how to write web copy, sub headings, using sub headings

Are you tired of seeing huge long swathes of text on web pages?

They’re not very inviting are they?

You may start reading the first few sentences, but you soon get bored and give up.

Reading from a screen is more difficult than reading from a book, so it’s essential you do everything possible to make it easy for your readers to find the information they want.

That’s why sub headings are worth their weight in gold.

I could just write endlessly about how to use them, but a visual example would be simpler. The text below has been taken from my About Us page, but without sub headings:


Although the short paragraphs go some way to breaking up the text, it still looks quite dense, plus there’s no indication of exactly what information the page contains.

Here’s the same text, but this time with sub headings:

This time the page has structure and you can see at a glance what information is covered, making it easier to find what you need.

Sub headings and aesthetics

The use of sub headings makes your web page look more inviting.

Regardless of subject matter, it gives the appearance of being an easy read, encouraging people to spend time on your website.

With the help of sub headings:

  • Readers have natural rest points, helping them break off any any time without losing their place
  • Readers can glance down a page and pick our the information they need
  • Subconsciously, the page looks like an ‘easy read’

It might not seem much, but using sub headings in your web copy (and blogs and articles) will make a huge difference.



Tags: copywriting tips, how to write web copy, sub headings, using sub headings
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