When You Shouldn’t Hire a Copywriter

April 30th 2013       Sally Ormond       hiring a copywriter, why you need a copywriter, working with a copywriter

Did I really just write that?

Before worrying about the fact that I may have finally lost it, let’s think for a moment about what a copywriter actually does.

Yes, they write to help you communicate effectively with your audience, but they can also help you develop your brand’s voice and style as well as offering suggestions on how you can improve your marketing strategy to make it more effective. So when you hire one, you get a lot of expertise for your bucks.

After having said that I’m struggling to think of an occasion when you shouldn’t hire a copywriter, so I’d better look at reasons why you should use one while I get my thinking cap on.

1. Professional image and results

Everything you do and every piece of marketing collateral you use represents your company. So the quality of the writing and the way you communicate through words will have a big impact on the perception people have of your business.

You can’t afford to get it wrong, so if you work with a copywriter you know you’ll get professional copy that speaks to your reader and persuades them to take an action. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Take on board new ideas

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is they bring in a copywriter and then decide they actually know better and tweak the copy within an inch of complete destruction, ignoring all the advice their writer has giving them.

They are experts in their field (i.e. marketing) so listen to them and take their advice. They would have spent years crafting words that compel readers to buy, so don’t think you know best because you don’t.

The whole idea of using a copywriter is for them to bring in fresh ideas because your old style isn’t working; be open to that change and embrace it.

3. Lacking confidence

If you’re not confident writing marketing materials it will show in every word  you write.

Writing day to day emails and letters does not make you a copywriter. It takes a lot of practice and training to write persuasively, so don’t be blinkered and admit your weaknesses (as every successful business person does) and get in an expert to do it right.

Trust is the main element of any client/copywriter relationship. You have to trust their judgement and knowledge and use their expertise to your advantage.

They are not an expert in your business – that’s your job, but they are an expert in creating powerful marketing materials, so let them get on with their job.

And no, I still can’t think of a reason not to hire a copywriter.




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