What’s Your Content For?

November 3rd 2011       Sally Ormond       content marketing, copywriting tips, search engine optimisation

Content Marketing



Content, content, content – you know the search engines love it, but writing it without a purpose will have little or not effect to your online marketing strategy.

You already know that the regular addition of new content will have a positive effect on your search engineĀ  strategy. It will generate more traffic to your website and more business. That’s because you understand that:


Articles/Blogs + SEO = Rankings


But if you just publish any old thing, you could end up doing more harm than good.

Think about this for a moment, if you merrily churn out (or pay a copywriter to create) vast swathes of keyword rich articles to your website, are you really adding value?

I’m driving traffic!



True, you probably are, but…


  • Are you really adding value by publishing quality articles?
  • What’s your call to action?
  • Is it really relevant to your audience?


If you are publishing content that doesn’t give your reader anything or ask anything of them, what’s the point?

Yes, adding new content ot your website is a good thing.

Yes, making sure it’s SEOd is great.

But if you add things that don’t interest your reader, they’ll glance over it and then disappear to another site that does.

So, if you’re adding content make sure it’s relevant, interesting and has a call to action.

Tags: content marketing, copywriting tips, search engine optimisation
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