Using Foursquare to Market Your Business

July 16th 2013       Sally Ormond       Foursquare for business, foursquare marketing, using foursquare

There are a whole raft of social media platforms out there through which you can marketing your business – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to name but a few.Foursquare marketing

But what about Foursquare? What is it all about?

Well, in their own words:

“Foursquare is a free app that helps you and your friends make the most of where you are. When you’re out and about, use Foursquare to share and save the places you visit. And, when you’re looking for inspiration for what to do next, we’ll give you personalized recommendations and deals based on where you, your friends, and people with your tastes have been.”

OK, so you get the picture of how it can be useful on a personal level, but how can it help your business?

Well, for starters there are well over 1,000,000 businesses on Foursquare, which means you need to be there too.

Foursquare marketing tips

To help you find your feet, we’ve scoured the net to find the best advise on how to market your business on Foursquare.

The result is this post by Social Media Examiner – they take you, step by step, through the top 10 ways you can market your business, starting with how to claim your business.

While you have a spare 5 minutes, head over there now and get your Foursquare marketing under way (link takes you to the article on Social Media Examiner in a new window).


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Tags: Foursquare for business, foursquare marketing, using foursquare
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