Three Types of Call to Action

May 28th 2013       Sally Ormond       Call to action, importance of the call to action, types of call to action

A call to action is vital; although your marketing copy should be powerful enough to persuade the reader to want to buy your product or service, if you don’t have a strong call to action telling them what to do, they’ll call to actionwander off.

Even though, to you, it seems as though the next step is obvious, never take it for granted that your potential customer thinks so too. You have to explicitly tell them what they need to do next if you want their business.

But before you just stick a ‘Buy now’ at the end of your copy, stop, there’s a lot more to it than that.

3 main types of call to action

1. The ‘getting a sale’ call to action

This is the one you see most often as ‘Buy now’ or something along those lines.

Basically, all it does is remind the reader what you want them to do. After reading through their benefits laden and having realised their product or service is the one for you, it is the prompt that tells you to begin the buying process. Sometime this is shown as a button to make it stand out.

2. List building

Even if your potential customer isn’t ready to buy, you can still use a call to action.

They can be used to great effect to build a mailing list by asking them to download your eBook, sign up for your newsletter or a free trial. Capturing their email address in this way (with their permission) will help you start to build a strong relationship with them that will eventually lead to a sale.

3. Expertise

Before someone is ready to buy from you, they’ll want to be convinced that you know what you’re talking about. That’s were the third type of call to action comes in.

When you write your blogs and articles, adding hyperlinks that take your readers to related content that they may find useful, will enhance their experience and show your depth of knowledge.

As a result, they’ll get the information they need and you’ll be able to show off your expert knowledge.

The call to action is a vital part of your marketing strategy so make sure all your marketing materials contain them.



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