The Magic Recipe for Direct Response Marketing

October 14th 2010       Sally Ormond       copywriter, direct mail campaign, Direct marketing


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Crystal Balls make life easy, especially for the marketers amongst us.

But as they are total figment of our childhood imaginations, we’ll just have to make do with research and copywriting cunning.

Direct mail isn’t easy to write.

Oh yes it is!

No, it isn’t. Because if you think all  you need is a bit of blurb about your product, a price and a way for your customer to order, you’re not going to be very successful.

Basically speaking, for your direct mail campaign to work you must have a brilliant:

  • List
  • Offer
  • Copy
  • Format

There are a few ‘magic’ ingredients that are required to make your direct mail letter rock. And as I’m feeling rather generous today, I’ll tell you what they are…

Get your offer out – fast

This is so often overlooked.

Get your offer into your heading and mention it again and again and again. A copywriter is a bit like a storyteller – they’ll create drama by showing the reader what their life would be like with your product and how it would benefit them.

To achieve this you can use two different approaches:

1. A desirable product

If you are selling something people want (e.g. jewellery, holidays, cars etc.) give your reader a vision of owning your product in the header and opening paragraph. Tell them you are offering  them something that will fulfil all their dreams and desires.

2. Overcoming pain

This is great when your product overcomes a problem faced by your reader (e.g. ill health, higher taxes etc.) Begin by describing their pain, then introduce your offer which is the cure and follow up with evidence of how your product will cure their pain.

Carrot and stick

Copywriters love this one. It is a way of telling your reader that great things will happen if they respond to your letter. Of course, bad things might happen if they don’t.

For example, if you’re selling a new brand of washing powder. your offer is that it’s been scientifically proven to get laundry clean first time:

Carrot – buy the washing powder and enjoy amazingly clean clothes every time and you’ll be successful in everything that you do.

Stick – stick to your normal powder, wear dull clothes, amount to nothing while everyone else looks amazing and is incredibly successful.

As you can see, direct mail is far more than just writing a letter. Your words have to convince your reader instantly.

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