The Long Haul of Email Marketing

February 23rd 2012       Sally Ormond       Email marketing, tailoring your email marketing

Email marketing isn’t one of those things you can dabble in when the fancy takes  you and then forget about it. email marketing

Keeping in touch with your customers is essential, which is why your email marketing activities (what ever form they take) must be regular.

Newsletters, email offers and updates are all great and add value to your customer relationships – but think how much better it would be if your customers received emails  that reflected their relationship with you.

Matching marketing and relationships

A timely targeted email will give a boost to your blossoming relationships. Depending on which stage you are at in your relationship with your customer, your emails can be designed to nurture them and provide help and assistance when they need it.

So for example you could use these stages:

1. Welcome

Just a simple email welcoming them as a customer. This could be sent out when they first subscribe to your newsletter or when they first buy from you. Perhaps you could slip in an introductory offer.

2. Conversion

I’m sure on your marketing list you have customers who don’t respond to your emails. They may have only ever bought from you once and, of course, you want to tempt them back.

A conversion email is designed to encourage them to buy from you. By making them an offer they can’t refuse, you’ll get them back into your ‘buying family’ – something like buy one get one free, or 20% off your next order placed by Friday lunchtime.

Using a deadline like that encourages a snap buying decision.

3. Come back

Over time, some subscribers will go cold on you. They may have signed up years ago and yet have never bought from you.

A lot of companies spend vast amounts on attracting new customers, but what about your existing ones? You already know who they are, so why not concentrate on re-activating them?

A great way to tempt them back is through a tempting offer – although this is similar to number 2, you have to make these customers feel extra special, you want them to believe you have missed them and that you want them back.

Standard emails are great for maintaining contact, but tailored emails are better at retaining customers and will help you strengthen your relationship with them.

Your marketing list should be seen as a number of groups of people, rather than just a mass of names. It might sound a lot of work, but just think of the return it could provide you.



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