The Importance of Blog Headlines

November 5th 2013       Sally Ormond       clickable blog titles, great blog titles, how to write blog headlines

There are 2 main reasons why blog headlines (titles) are so important:

  1. They are what encourage the reader to read your blog post
  2. The encourage Google to send traffic your way

That’s why it’s essential you give your headlines a lot of thought, rather than just sticking any old thing down.

How to write great blog headlines

A quick Google search will bring up loads of articles about this subject, but here are the 3 methods I find most useful.

1. Study

There’s nothing like a bit of studying.

When you read a blog post take a look at its title and work out what it was about it that made you stop and read. Why did that one stand out above all the others?

Take a look at the words and phrases that made you want to read on.

After all if it made you want to read the entire post, the chances are you can use similar techniques to persuade people to read yours too.

2. Audience

Who are you writing for?

What type of people make up your audience?

What’s important to them?

What words and phrases would they associate with what you’re writing about? Make sure you use them in your title.

3. Google

One of the best places for inspiration is Google.

Have you noticed that when you type in a search terms, it lists some alternatives?

Google blog title search

The main benefit of using this method is that it offers phrases that other searchers have actually used.

These methods are very simple to implement and very effective.

When you write your next blog post don’t leave the success of your headline to chance. Think about what you’re writing, whom you’re writing it for and what they want to know.



Tags: clickable blog titles, great blog titles, how to write blog headlines
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