The Cost of Starting an Online Business

December 12th 2012       Sally Ormond       effective websites, seo copywriting, the value of copywriting, website copy, why your copy should be professionally written

What’s your copywriting budget?

I bet you don’t have one.

Come on, let’s face it – you’ve spent hours trawling the Internet to find the best web designer you can (or at least that you can afford), they’ve convinced you to get a professional photographer on board and a graphic designer. Then they add in a spot of keyword research and suddenly your budget has gone.

It’s so exciting isn’t it, as you see it all come together and you gradually refine the site until it’s perfect. The photography looks amazing, your logo is stunning, your website works like a dream and then your web designer turns to you and says…

“OK, we’re all ready to go – we just need the copy now.”


Who said anything about copy? Doesn’t that come with the site?

Oh boy, now you’re in trouble. Your designer sighs and suggests you contact this professional copywriter he knows, but the problem is you’re all spent out. Anyway, how hard can it be? After all, you know your company better than anyone else, writing about it will be a breeze.

After a week or two of sleepless nights you eventually email across your website copy. The designer tries to tell you that it’s not that great (without upsetting you) as it needs to talk to your customers rather than just be about you and your business.

Poppycock! What would a designer know about such things anyway.

Finally, your website goes live with your copy in it. You wait…and wait…and wait…

No one is stopping by it, let alone buying anything from you – could the designer have been right?

You’re damn right he was right – your web designer may not be a copywriter, but he does know what you need to do to create an effective website.

Why professional website copy is a must

The words you use on your website are like your sales team.

If you greeted everyone who came into your shop by launching into a speech about how amazing your company was, how many staff it has and how it uses the latest technology, the chances are they’d high tail it out of there and you’d never see them again.

But if you said ‘Good morning, how are you?’ and struck up a conversation with them to find out what solution they were looking for, you could then tell them about the benefits they would get by using your product and service. The end result would be a very happy customer and money in your till.

That’s why the copy on your website must speak directly to your readers, highlighting the benefits (not features) your product or service will offer them and a strong call to action to encourage them to buy (or sign up for a newsletter – whatever action you want them to take).

You see, professionally written copy will not only help attract customers (through good search engine optimisation practices), it will also:

  • Engage with them
  • Answer their questions
  • Convince them to buy
  • Close the sale

So it makes sense to make a provision for it within your budget.

Oh, and as for price – let’s put it this way, you get what you pay for; if you want a copywriter with extensive experience and SEO expertise, you’re going to have to pay for it.




Tags: effective websites, seo copywriting, the value of copywriting, website copy, why your copy should be professionally written
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