The Benefits of Being a Guest Blogger

February 18th 2014       Sally Ormond       guest blogging, How to write guest blogs, should you guest blog

Before I get started on the benefits of being a guest blogger, I just want to address something.

Guest blogging has come under a lot of scrutiny recently. Some say it’s a practice that you shouldn’t get involved with, but provided you are writing great content that’s not promotional and you’re not paying for the privilege, it is something that could come with a lot of kudos.

OK, now I’ve got that out the way, let’s take a look at guest blogging.

Why bother?

Well, getting your writing on someone else’s blog (especially someone well known within your industry) will help widen your Internet exposure and flag up your presence to a whole new audience.

It takes a lot of work, but can also pay dividends.


As already mentioned, writing for others will widen your reach as an expert in your field.

The more people see your name (across several credible outlets) the more they are likely to remember you and seek out your other material online.

The more you’re seen, the greater your credibility and the more potential for traffic to your own website.

Web credibility

That credibility I just mentioned will be enhanced depending on the website or blog your content is seen on.

Of course, the chances of your stuff being accepted immediately from the biggest blog in your industry is slim. First you have to build a relationship, read the other stuff they publish and get a feel for what they might be looking for. There’s nothing more annoying than being approached by someone who offers you a post that is completely unrelated to your blog. Oh, and not keep pestering if they say no; it’s their blog and they can publish what they like on it.

Incoming links

One of the benefits of guest blogging is the potential for a link back to your website, but that shouldn’t be your only motivation.

If one is offered, great. If not, it shouldn’t matter to you. After all, the fact that your work is being featured should be kudos enough.

Whatever you do, don’t pitch your idea with an “all I ask in return is at least one do follow link to my website” – giving a link is not mandatory.

Social media

When your post is published on another blog, in all likelihood it will be announced through that blog’s Twitter feed, which means potentially thousands of people will be made aware of it. Make sure you widen the reach by promoting it through your own social media channels too.

Is guest blogging still relevant?

Yes it is, but you must make sure your content is:

  • High quality
  • Original
  • Relevant



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