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November 24th 2011       Sally Ormond       copywriting tips, marketing tips, social media, social media marketing

Social media is a powerful marketing force. Social media for business

Most companies today realise this and have embraced it with open arms. But others are still needing a bit of encouragement.

There are a number of big bosses out there who are yet to be convinced by its potential. They seem blind to the potential market it could open up for them sinply because:

  • It’s too much like hard work
  • They don’t have the time to ‘play’ with it
  • They don’t believe their customers are using social media so why should they?
  • They think they can’t monitor its effectiveness

But many of their employees can see the benefits. So if that’s you and you have a particularly archaic boss who needs a nudge to move out of the Stone Age and into the Social Media age, read on.

Making you boss see the benefits of social media

The boss of your company is concerned about one thing – making money.

To them, any investment in marketing (regardless of its form) has to be able to show a measurable return on investment.

So, to help you make them see the light, take a look at this excellent post from SocialMediaExaminer called – 7 tips for selling executives on social media. It will help you put together a plan to show them why the need to ‘get with it’ before they are left behind by their competitors.

The tips will help you show them:

  • What social media is about in their terms
  • How it will have a positive impact on sales
  • That it is actually measurable
  • You are serious about helping the company move forward by coming up with a plan

…which will mean serious brownie points for you when it comes to annual revuew time.

You know social media is vital for business today, so what have you got to lose?

Bookmark this page and then, once you’ve put your presentation forward, come back and tell us how you got on.


Tags: copywriting tips, marketing tips, social media, social media marketing
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