Should You Comment on Blogs?

October 15th 2013       Sally Ormond       how to comment on blogs, should you comment on blogs, the value of blog comments

There was a time when commenting on blog posts was seen as a great way to build links and drive traffic to your website.

But things have moved on and today, there isn’t a lot of direct/immediate benefit from the practice.

So if there is no benefit, is it worth doing?

Well, reading blogs will of course extend your own knowledge base, but more than that, I believe there is a beneficial side to commenting on blog posts (assuming they are genuine comments and you have actually read the post). The practice will help you on three levels:

  • It will help you build relationships with other bloggers
  • Constructive and well thought out comments will show others that you are a leader in your field
  • If people see you as a leader, there is a chance that they will visit your website to learn more about you

Of course, becoming a thought leader takes more than a random “great post” comment. Your response should add to the blog, build on the ideas already mentioned and, perhaps, add a different perspective.

However, writing any of the following could have an adverse effect, so be careful:

  • Writing something meaningless that doesn’t add value
  • Being controversial just for the sheer hell of it
  • Posting rude or offensive comments
  • Posting a comment that’s full of links – this looks spammy
  • Writing a comment that’s full of typos

If you want to comment on someone else’s work, make sure you always add value.

Blog commenting isn’t a quick way to earn links back to your website, but it can be a great way to build your reputation as an expert in your field.



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Comments (2)

5 years ago.

Thanks Stephen, irony always welcome :-)

Stephen Marsh 5 years ago.

No, you should never post comments on blogs. Oops. It's an interesting question, because there are lots of blogs I read and never comment on, and equally lots of great posts around the web that never attract comments. So much of that goes on via Twitter etc now, anyway. But I tend to comment when a post is good, just to register my approval, you know? Or, of course, when posting a comment has a tinge of irony :-)