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August 23rd 2011       Sally Ormond       copywriting tips, powerful copywriting, Website copywriting


If I asked you to give me an example of powerful copywriting what you say?

  • Something that catches your attention immediately
  • A headline which draws you in
  • Simple to read copy with lots of headings

Hopefully your answer was something along those lines. Powerful copywriting is all of those things.

The problem is when some people try to write strong copy they get it all wrong. Bear with me and I’ll explain.

Shouting copy

A few days ago, I was writing some web copy for a client and my husband was working from home. He works for a German company and deals with a lot of customers located around Europe.

That particular day he was engaged on a phone call to one such customer. Instead of his usual voice, I heard a rather strained conversation being conducted in very slow, broken English.

He, like many of us, is guilty of adopting the technique of speaking very s-l-o-w-l-y and loudly when speaking to a non-native English speaker.

What does that have to do with copywriting? Well, it is something you also see in print in the mistaken belief it is getting your message across strongly.

The problem is, people try to replicate the ‘hard sell’ type of copy for their own websites, newsletters and emails. You know the kind of thing I mean – long copy, bright colours, bold text and lots of highlighting. Don’t get me wrong, that type of copy has its place and (believe it or not) works – but it isn’t a style that should be used for everything.

Building confidence

The problem with that type of text on your website, or in your newsletters, is that it doesn’t instil confidence.

Your words have to convince rather than your font size and colour.

Your copy has to resonate with and engage your reader so they are drawn into your copy. Then, by focusing on the benefits, you will convince them they have to have your product or service.

Don’t use brash and in-your-face sales techniques – chose your words carefully and:

  • Create a strong headline
  • Capture their attention immediately with benefits led copy
  • Keep your font uniform and only change size for headings and sub headings
  • Use only one colour for your font (preferably black or white)

Your copy will look professional and readable.

Would you want to look at a site full of colourful text of varying size? I doubt it, and neither would your readers. If you want to be taken seriously, make sure you approach your marketing materials in the same way.

Be professional, be clear and concentrate on your benefits.

Tags: copywriting tips, powerful copywriting, Website copywriting
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Comments (2)

Ade Oduyemi 9 years ago.

This is meant to be an item of serious business communication, and then you make me crack up in laughter '..adopting the technique of speaking very s-l-o-w-l-y and loudly'. It's a good thing I wasn't sneaking a peak at your blog while I was at one of those 'death by powerpoint' presentations.

9 years ago.

Hi Ade, Glad it made you smile! Sally