Nofollow Links Have Value Too

March 19th 2015       Sally Ormond       link building, links, nofollow links, online marketing, seo, value of nofollow links


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In the ever-changing world of search engine optimisation the link remains a valuable commodity.

As an internet marketer however, you’ll also know how frustrating the link building world can be.

Day after day you spend hours crafting high quality content that really adds value to your audience (or pay someone else to do it for you).

After a few days another site picks it up and they reference it in their article.

Happy days.

You sit back and wait for that wonderful follow link to take effect only to discover their policy is to add nofollow links.


Now what do you do other than say “thank you” and sulk?

Before you get too down hearted, it’s worth remembering that a nofollow link can be very valuable.

No really, it can.

Look at it this way, the website in question picked up your article because they thought it would be valuable to their readers.

And you know what that means…


OK, it means they view your article as a piece of thought leadership. To them, you are an expert in your field worth citing. That means their readers will also view you in that light.

From your elevated position you will be able to see others following the link to your original article on your website.

Granted, you won’t be benefiting from any link juice, but you will be basking in the glory of the kudos from being cited as a leader in your industry.

As a result you’ll gain a whole new readership and potentially, more links from other sites (who knows, some of those may be follow links).

That’s why you shouldn’t despair at getting nofollow links. OK, they don’t hold as much immediate value, but they could do wonders for your reputation in the long run.

Tags: link building, links, nofollow links, online marketing, seo, value of nofollow links
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