Making the Most of Your Testimonials

March 1st 2012       Sally Ormond       Making the most of testimonials, Twitter testimonials

When you think about testimonials, you probably immediately think of having to email clients to ask them very nicely if they wouldn’t mind saying a few nice words about you and the service you provided them.

But testimonials can come in all shapes and forms, especially with the explosion of social media.

I was interested to read a recent post on one of my favourite blogs,, about making the most of your Twitter testimonials.

Granted, with only 140 characters to play with, you’re not going to get a detailed testimonial, but this is more about utilising any ‘good press’ you get to the max.

For example, what would you usually do if you received tweets like these?






Obviously, you would send out a thank you tweet, but then what?

Often, tweets like these are sent out quickly in a moment of enthusiasm for a job well done and sum up the service you gave very succinctly.

To use them, favourite them and then display them on your website. For more information about how to go about that, take a look at this post on called How to Embed Twitter Testimonials on Your Website.

It’s well worth a read and will help you make the most of your social media activities.

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