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July 10th 2014       Sally Ormond       creating an offer, dynamics of an offer, irresistible offer


Offers are what bring your customers flocking, but only if they hit the spot.

How do you make sure that happens?

Simple – you must understand your audience.

These 7 tips will help you discover who your audience is and how you can make them buy.

7 ways to create a must-have offer

1. Audience

You can’t create a winning offer if you don’t know whom you’re selling to.

For example, if you wanted to sell washing machines you’ll have more luck aiming at homeowners, newly weds and families than teenagers.

Make sure you do your homework and work out who you are selling to, what challenges they face and what they really, really want.

2. Your offer’s value

I’m not talking about the cost to you, but its perceived value in the eyes of your customer.

They’ll only be tempted if they believe its value to be greater than the cost of the item.

Take Goupon as an example. Who’s going to turn down a spa break that’s 80% off the normal price?

3. I want one!

There are always those products that fly off the shelf as soon as they are launched, such as anything Apple launch.

Why is that?

There are 2 reasons: First there’s the knee-jerk ‘I must be the first to own it’ group of buyers, secondly, there are the friends of the first group who get to hear how great the item is and buy one because they don’t want to be left out.

The second one is one of the strongest buying motivators. After all if thousands or people have bought the product the perception is that it must be good resulting in even more people buying it.

4. Take away their pain

You, me, the guy next door – in fact everyone is looking for a solution to a problem.

That’s why your offer must take away the pain they are feeling and make their life better.

If you’re a balding man, an offer that will help you regain your lost lustrous locks and so become more attractive to women not only solves your problem (hair loss), it also comes with added benefits (extra female attention).

5. Keep in simple

If you make it complicated people won’t bother with it.

That’s why the good old BOGOF (buy one get one free) remains so popular.

6. Guarantee

You need a guarantee.

It adds confidence (especially if buying online) and helps build trust. Let’s face it, if you’re happy to give a money back guarantee you must have confidence in your product.

7. Incentives

Finally, there’s always the good old-fashioned incentive.

There are 2 main types:

  • Exclusivity – only a certain class can afford it
  • Scarcity – stock is limited in number, or the offer is only available for a certain time period

Both will give your customers the final nudge they need to buy.


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