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February 4th 2014       Sally Ormond       Video marketing, viral, viral marketing, viral video

Can you?

Is it that easy?

Do you just tell your team, “Hey guys, we’re going to create a viral video for our next project.Any ideas?”

No – it’s not that easy because you can’t make something go viral, that’s the job of your viewers.

What is viral marketing?

Something goes viral when it’s shared – a lot. It’s a way of using social media channels to their max.

If you can create something that others feel compelled to share with their friends, who share it with their friends, who share it with their friends…well, you get the picture.

And that’s the reason you can’t make something go viral.

The qualities of viral marketing

OK, so you can’t make it go viral, but you can give your video (eBook, image etc.) the triggers that can make it go viral.

There is only one reason why someone will share your video – because it makes an emotional connection with them. It can be funny, tear-jerking or pull on their heart strings, but whatever it is it must make them want to share that experience with others.

There is no single formula that works – it’s a combination of the story you use, the images, the narration, the music – not much help I know, but here is an examples that has gone viral.



The idea you come up with must capture the imagination of your audience. That means you must understand them and the relationship your product has with them to find the emotional trigger that will kick start their need to share.

Each of the examples above triggered different responses from their viewers, but those responses made them want to click the share button.

What’s your all time favourite viral video? What can you learn from it?

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Comments (2)

Penny Haywood Calder 6 years ago.

It's old but the filmic production values and scale of UPS' Herding Cats video is epic. The gnarled cowboys looked like they had stepped out of a Western. Having them herd 500 cats across the desert takes some beating. The tenderness at the end was a real shot of emotion on top of a clever concept, brilliantly executed. At the other end of the budget spectrum, the Will it Blend? series is hilarious. The deadpan MD of the company puts a series of unlikely and frankly dangerous objects into his industrial strength kitchen blenders. We look on, teetering between the absurdity of blending the latest iPhone to worrying whether a blenderful of gas lighters will explode in his face. Certainly gets the point across that his machines are tough enough to reduce even a billiard ball to a heap of dust. Indeed, that's the inevitable fate of everything that is put into the blender. Although what the dust particles contain is another nightmare for the health 'n' safety brigade.

6 years ago.

Thanks Penny, I agree about the Will it Blend? series - they were epic, even if they did start to get a bit repetitive. Really appreciate your comment, thanks.