Is Your Corporate Blog Failing?

September 3rd 2013       Sally Ormond       corporate blogging, running a corporate blog

According to IBM, about 80% of corporate blogs don’t get beyond their fifth post. Corporate blog

Really? Is it that hard to run a blog?

Actually, no, it isn’t. I’ve been running two for many years now, so how come mine are still going when so many companies are seeing theirs fall by the wayside?


When you start a blog you must be committed to it. Coming up with a steady stream of ideas and news articles is essential. That shouldn’t be a problem for big companies because of the number of staff on hand to provide the content, but you will need someone to coordinate it.

One of the issues with companies is staff turnover. Just because one person is enthusiastic about blogging doesn’t mean their successor will. That’s why it can be a good idea to outsource your blogging needs to a professional copywriter. They can either produce the content, edit articles to ensure a continuous style is used, or even coordinate the whole thing for you, saving you a lot of time (and money). But if you do decide to work with a copywriter, a member of staff must be responsible for monitoring and responding to comments.

But content generation is just one aspect, you also have to promote what you put out there. Social media can extend the reach and life of your blog posts. Twitter or Facebook (or a combination of the two) will help you push your content further out into the market, building your brand’s reputation.

Your voice

How do you want your readers to see you?

Do you want to stiff and corporate, or friendly and approachable?

Getting the right tone on your blogging is essential. Your writing must ‘talk’ directly to your readers using language they can easily understand.

Whatever you do, don’t try to mimic your favourite blogger. No one wants to read a copy-cat blog. Come up with your own style and stand out from everyone else.


Another reason why so many corporate blogs fail is because the big bosses expect immediate results. Blogging doesn’t work like that.

As you build your content (assuming its well written, relevant to your audience, optimised and interesting) your traffic will start to grow, but you also have to spread the word to boost your readership. Include a link to your blog in your email signature, newsletters, website and other communications. As mentioned earlier, mention each post in your social media channels – you have to pro-actively promote your blog if you want it to succeed.

Blogging isn’t a quick fix. It’s a long-term commitment.

Don’t give up.



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Comments (2)

Working Voices 7 years ago.

Great point, it does require a great deal of motivation to maintain a corporate blog. At Working Voices, we asked some of our trainers to get involved with the blog; the result being we have varied content written in differing but complimentary styles. If there's any business out there struggling with their blog, the best advice might be to share the workload. Outsourcing can work as well, but only for a company of a certain size or beyond. Critically, as this article says, and perhaps more importantly than content; you have to get the blog out there. Tweet, facebook, stumble - do it all! That way, it won't just be your staff reading your blog.

7 years ago.

Thanks for your comment - sharing the workload is definitely the way to go for many companies as is sharing - it's good to share.