How to Write Powerful Newsletters

November 14th 2013       Sally Ormond       Marketing, newseltters, open rate, writing newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers, but…

You should never fill your newsletter with stuff about you.

Every day my in box is filled with newsletters from companies that just focus on them. It’s boring, annoying and just plain yawn-worthy.

Stop scratching your head, if you read on I’ll tell you what your newsletters should be concentrating on.


Focus on your customer

You send emails to build and develop relationships with your customers. They are great tools to keep them up to date with your offers too, but that should only be a small part of the information they receive.

Giving away hints and tips and great information will strengthen your relationships with them because you’re offering them something of value for nothing.


A familiar friend

If you keep the format of your newsletters consistent, you will help boost engagement.

A good structure is:

  • An initial paragraph to say hello and introduce the main theme of your newsletter
  • An article that offers tips and advice
  • Perhaps try a case study – if you have some on your website offer a taster on the newsletter with a link through to the full article on your website
  • Then try a ‘thought for the day’, book review, or favourite quote, something they can share and talk about
  • If you have an offer, new product or impending sale, mention it at the end of the newsletter

Just by giving your newsletter some structure you can increase your open rate and give your website traffic a boost whilst keeping your customers happy.


Tags: Marketing, newseltters, open rate, writing newsletters
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