How to Spot an SEO Con Artist

December 1st 2011       Sally Ormond       marketing tips, search engine optimisation, SEO copywriter

Choosing an SEO companyIf you have email, you get spam – it’s a part of life.

Everyday we are inundated with emails pretending to be from banks, building societies, the Inland Revenue and the FBI not to mention the constant plague of Viagra sales. There is also a constant (and rather annoying) stream of emails from SEO companies who claim to be able to get you on the front page of Google for just about any term going.

Considering the number that constantly appear, it’s a pretty safe bet that someone somewhere is falling for their over hyped sales patter.

If you’re tempted, don’t, and here’s why.

Learn to say no

Every one of these emails will claim that the company has superhuman SEO powers. Many will even claim to be able to work their magic for a miniscule amount, probably less than what you’re currently paying.

But they are unsolicited, so that should start to ring alarm bells.

I don’t know how you run your business, but as a freelance copywriter  the only people I email about business are clients, people who have made contact with me to talk about copywriting, or people who have opted in to my newsletter. I don’t send emails to random people touting for business.

These SEO companies are quite possibly users of black hat techniques (that could be viewed as a sweeping generalisation, but I’m sure it’s a correct assumption for most) and you don’t want to go there as that’s when you start gathering Google penalties.

How to pick a good SEO company

If you are looking for an SEO company, the best advice I can offer is to ask friends and other business owners who they would recommend. If they are happy to provide you with a name or two, it’s a fairly safe bet that their recommendations are genuine and that the companies concerned really understand their SEO onions.

Don’t plump for the first unsolicited email you get, make sure you go by personal recommendation and a company that can back up its claims.

Of course, once you have found your SEO company, you’ll also been a expert SEO Copywriter – pleased to meet you.

Sally Ormond

Briar Copywrting



Tags: marketing tips, search engine optimisation, SEO copywriter
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