How to Make Your Copy Invisible

October 10th 2013       Sally Ormond       copywriting tips, invisible copy, writing for others, writing with impact

Professional copywriters use their experience and expertise to write copy that:

  • Engages and grabs the attention of the reader
  • Persuades them that your product or service is for them
  • Convinces them to buy
  • Compels them to part with their hard earned cash

The best bit is that they do all that without making it obvious.

The great authors of the world put their writing talents on show for all to see. Their fans fall in love with their turn of phrase, scintillating prose and artistic use of language. They receive plaudits from critics, awards and kudos.

In comparison, the humble copywriter goes through life quietly, never receiving praise his or her work (other than from their client of course), because their words are there to sell a concept, product or service. It will never be hailed for its literary merits; it just does its job without fanfare.

Power writing

So how do copywriters create fantastic, powerful copy that remains invisible?

After researching the company they are writing for, its customers and products/services, the copywriter will focus on identifying the key benefits. These will be the lynch-pin of the copy.

Then they picture their reader and write to them.

Admittedly, the audience will be bigger than one, but this is a great technique to tailor the copy to one typical reader. The next step is to write in a conversational style using the second person. Basically, they would picture themselves having a chat over a coffee with the reader and use that as the basis for the tone of the copy.

As the writing process continues, they will use a storytelling structure because that will make the content easy to read and logical. The benefits that have already been identified will be highlighted because these are what will convince the reader to buy.

Finally, the language used will be simple and jargon free and will end with a powerful call to action.

You see, when you’re a copywriter, everything you write is about and for someone else. It’s never about you.

You must adopt the style of your client so your copy fits seamlessly with their other marketing materials.

There’s no room for flamboyance – if you want to flex your writing muscles, you’d best get started on that novel you’ve been meaning to write.



Tags: copywriting tips, invisible copy, writing for others, writing with impact
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