How to Keep Your Landing Pages Focused

June 7th 2012       Sally Ormond       copywriting tips, keeping your copy focused, Landing pages

The aim of your landing page is to focus on one thing – getting your customer to buy, sign up to your newsletter, downloading  a free report etc. So the content of your page must to achieve that and only that.Landing pages - retaining focus

To illustrate this, let’s take a look at an example of a landing page designed to give away a free report.

The purpose of a landing page

Why set up a landing page?

Well, it’s a great way to build your marketing list for a start. Plus, with a page dedicated to getting their email address from  them in return for the report, there won’t be anything to distract them.

So, how do you make sure your landing page is focused on its task?

1. Above the fold

That’s a phrase you hear a lot. Basically, it means you should keep all the important information in the readers’ eye line – i.e. make sure they don’t have to scroll down.

It’s also important your opt-in data capture box is also ‘above the fold’, the last thing you want them to do is have to go hunting for it.

2. Keep it simple

There is only one reason your landing page exists and that’s to grab email addresses. If you fill your page with unnecessary links and navigation you run the risk of your reader wandering off in the wrong direction. Once you have them you want to keep them – until you get their email address.

3. Benefits

Your landing page doesn’t need to be heavy with copy; just a short piece of text outlining the benefits of downloading the free report and a strong call to action are all that is required.

4. Build pressure

The best way to get someone to act quickly, is to tell them your report is only available for a limited period.

If they think there is a chance they’ll miss out, they’ll sign up straight away.

5. Easy to read

Lots of white space, bulleted lists and sub headings make your copy much easier to read. It might be an idea to add a tasteful graphic highlighting the sign up box so they are in no doubt as to what they have to do.


When creating a landing page, retaining focus on its purpose is paramount. If you give your readers too much choice, or too much information, they will simple wander off and find another website.


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