How to Create Facebook Engagement

January 26th 2012       Sally Ormond       Facebook Pages, social media marketing

Facebook pages for businessIf you run a business, you like many others, have probably set up a Facebook Page. But what are you doing with it?

It’s great when your employees, family and friends all track it down and ‘Like’ it. But what do you do when the ‘Likes’ start to dry up?

How do you go about getting more fans?

The difference between ‘Likes’ and engagement

It’s great when people ‘Like’ your brand, but you reallyyou want customers who are going to buy from you. If you’re going to have a Facebook Page, you are going to have to put a bit of effort into it – just like you would any other form of marketing.

Customers will engage with your page if you engage with them. It’s not enough just to have a presence in Facebook, you have to be active – it will take a while to get the ball rolling, but once it is, you’ll start to see results.

So, what can you do?

1. News

Your Facebook Page must be constantly up dated. So, when you publish a new blog posts, mention it on your page. If you have an event coming up, new product coming out etc., post it on Facebook.

Your fans will want to be kept in the loop with what’s going on, so don’t disappoint them.

2. Real

Even though a Facebook Page is for your business, your fans still want to interact with a real person. So make sure you inject some personality into your posts.

3. Talk

One way posting isn’t very interesting. Even though you must ‘talk’ to your fans, you must also take time to listen to them and strike up conversations. Regardless of whether they write good things about you or bad, never ignore their comments.

4. Encourage them

It will probably be down to you to get the ball rolling, so make sure you post lots of open questions. Ask for your fans’ opinions and stories. Why not run a competition?

All of this activity will help you generate a sense of community and encourage them to keep coming back. This interaction will help build trust, and with trust comes paying customers.

5. Call to action

As you begin to build engagement with your fans, make sure you make the most of them by asking them to do something – whether that’s to buy from you, sign up for a newsletter etc. You wouldn’t have a website without a call to action, would you?

6. Have a plan

If your reasoning behind setting up a Facebook Page is simply because everyone else has one so you though you ought to as well, think again. If it’s going to work for you, you must have a plan. Understand how you’re going to use the page and how you’re going to interact with your fans – then make sure you carry it out.

Facebook is a great way to interact with people and build trust. It can be a forum, customer service tool and information source. Use it well and it will bring in new customers, but make sure you have a plan.


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