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September 18th 2012       Sally Ormond       blogging for business, blogging with impact, how to blog, How to blog with impact, writing blog posts

If you’re going to blog for your business, you must make sure every single post you publish makes an impact. Blogging with impact

The reasons people read blogs are:

  • They want to learn something
  • They enjoy reading people’s opinions
  • They can connect with the reader on a personal level
  • They are informative and entertaining

But the main reason is that they are personal. Every post is written by a person, they are full of personality.

So, if no one is reading your blog posts, there probably isn’t enough of you in it.

Getting personal

Every reader that comes to your blog is building a relationship with you. You’ll probably never meet them, but they believe they know you.

They can tell a lot about you and your personality through your writing. The style you use, your opinions and subject matter all help them build up a picture of what you’re like. And if they like what they see, they’ll keep coming back.

If you’re slightly uncomfortable with that sounding along the lines of a scary stalker kind of scenario, don’t be: your readers are reading your stuff because they like it – simple.

To generate that kind of relationship it’s imperative that you inject your personality into each and every post.

Adding personality to your posts

You can add personality to your writing by:

1. Writing orally

Write as you speak.

Imagine yourself chatting to a friend over coffee and write in that style. This openness will appeal to your readers and create a very accessible and readable style.

2. Add a bio

Adding a biography to each post, or an ‘About’ page to your website, will show your readers who you are and what you do.

If you can add a picture to show you are a real person.

3. Answer

If your readers like your stuff enough to comment on it, don’t ignore them, reply to them.

Thank them and maybe expand on what they have to say. This will encourage a two way conversation and may even boost the number of comments you get.

4. Be personal

Don’t be a one trick pony: use different types of posts.

As well as informative stuff, throw in a few personal stories and experiences, may be even a rant or two. This will really connect with your readers and show them the real person behind the blog.

It’s also a good idea to be contactable – whether by email or social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) – your readers will know you’re a real person who is also interested in them.


By following those simple tips, your blog will become more personal and therefore create more of an impact.

At the end of the day, as with all marketing, blogging is all about building relationships.

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