How Much Trust is on Your Landing Page?

November 22nd 2011       Sally Ormond       copywriting tips, Establishing trust, Landing pages

Quite often, landing pages stand out like a sore thumb when you land on them. Normally, this is because they scream BY ME NOW in very large, colourful print. Landing pages

So how do they make you feel when you land on one?

  • That you’re about to be sold something so you just want to get out of there as fast as possible?
  • You don’t mind being overtly sold to, so you’ll hang around for a read?
  • Click away and head off in search of a real website?

If you want to create a landing page, how do you go about it so it encourages people to stay?

How can you convince people you’re genuine?

Generating trust

Let’s face it, if there’s no trust, there are no sales.

People hate being sold to, so if your landing page looks like one big sales spiel, it’s probably not going to work too well.

Below are 3 ways you can establish and build trust to prove you are genuine.

1. Testimonials

There’s no better way to show your reader how great your products and services are than providing some testimonials.

We all love to hear about other people’s experiences because we want to know if a product worked well, how it helped their business and how good the customer service and after sales service was.

To make the most of them, make sure they link to the product or service you’re trying to sell. After all, your benefits driven copywriting will be much stronger when backed up with customer testimonials.

2. Logos

Not just any old logos, but trusted ones from regulatory bodies, local business groups, certifications etc.

These will help establish trust and show you are a bina fide company.

3. Privacy policy

This one is vital, especially if you are using your landing page to capture email addresses.

Put your readers’ mind at rest by telling them you won’t share their details with anyone else and place a link to your full privacy policy page. Just one tip, when linking to your privacy policy page, make sure it opens in a new window – after all,  you don’t want anything to take your reader away from your landing page.


These very simple tips will help establish that all important trust. There are millions of companies out there all after your customers’ cash, so make sure you do everything you can to show your customer that they can trust you and that you’re the company they should do business with.


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Comments (2)

John McFarlane 9 years ago.

Regarding the privacy policy i think it will be a good idea to keep it short and understandable too, not copy and pasting from another site but explaining in language that can be understood quickly and easily. Thanks for the tip regarding the privacy policy page opening in a new window.

9 years ago.

Hi John, thanks for your comment. You're spot on, the policy should be written in simple, plain langauge so everyone can understand it.