How do you Engage People Through Copywriting?

July 22nd 2014       Sally Ormond       content creation, content types, customer engagement, engaging copy, starting conversations

You see it mentioned all the time – your writing must engage your reader if it is to do it’s job properly.

Great, but that doesn’t tell you how to write it to make it engaging.

Simplifying things, there are two main types of content: that which asks the reader to take an action (i.e. “buy now”) and that which encourages them to interact with you (i.e. social sharing, blog commenting etc.)

Both require engaging copy, but the latter is the one that gets conversations started. And it’s conversations that lead to strong relationships.

OK, that’s great, but how do you write in an engaging way?

How to create engaging copy that works

Before you can master engaging copy, you have to know who your audience is and what they want.

The idea behind generating content that will kick start a conversation is to give information that your audience is interested in, needs to know and will want to spend time reading. If you don’t get that bit right your content is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Because it must arouse their interest it MUST NOT be a thinly veiled sales pitch. It happens a lot, companies don’t have the time or inclination to think about what their customers really want to know, so they churn out stuff that merely flogs their products or services. But people want to read an article that teaches them something or solves a problem. Only when your content ticks one (or both) of those boxes will engagement begin.

Offer them new ideas, hints and tips, useful information; anything that will get a conversation going. If they feel as though they are getting something for nothing they’ll keep coming back.


Ideas for your own engaging content

If you look around the internet you’ll see lots of top tips and top ten lists. These are very popular with readers, but not necessarily the best way to drive engagement.

The best way to draw your readers in is to offer them a range of content types. That means by all means write top lists etc., but also add in opinion pieces. Yes, I’m giving you free reign to speak your mind. If you put your thoughts out there other people will read them and, most likely, comment on them. Hey presto, you’ve started a conversation. Even if your opinion is a bit ‘out there’ don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

You’re probably sitting there thinking “no one wants to hear what I think”, but they do, especially if you are regarded as an expert in your field. As you generate more content, your audience will grow. As your audience grows your traffic will grow. As your traffic grows, your sales will increase (assuming of course your website content is written to sell).

Tags: content creation, content types, customer engagement, engaging copy, starting conversations
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