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August 27th 2013       Sally Ormond       hot water and social media, social snooping

Social media is great, isn’t it? social media snooping

Now you can keep up to date with what your friends are up to, share photos and opinions, all from the comfort of your own home.

But did you know more and more employers are snooping on the online social lives of their workers.

It wasn’t that long ago that The Drum reported on the case of a council press office who was forced to quite his job after an ill-judged tweet.

How many times have you vented your frustration about a colleague or customer on Facebook or Twitter? Your friends are always there with words of sympathy for you, so it’s quite cathartic, isn’t it?

Yes it is, right up to the point when your employer sees your comment.

You could argue that they shouldn’t be reading your posts because it’s tantamount to them reading your personal mail. But considering 30% or employers have taken a member of staff through a formal disciplinary procedure as a result of comments made on their social media pages (The Drum), it does make you stop and think.

The main problem lies with the social side of social media. You can post anything on your wall and your friends can share it, re-post it or re-tweet it and you can’t stop them. Before you know it, your ‘innocent’ comment could be all over cyber space causing untold damage.

How do you avoid this potential embarrassment?

Think before you post.

Everyone suffers from a lapse of judgement now and then and no company can prevent their staff from using social media. But by having a social media policy in place they can clearly state what is acceptable behaviour and what the consequences are for anyone that oversteps the mark.

Over to you

As an employee, is it right your employer can snoop on your private life?

As an employer, so you check up on your staff’s social media activity?

Leave a comment below and share your views.


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