Email Copywriting Mistakes

December 20th 2011       Sally Ormond       content marketing, copywriting tips, Email marketing

Nobody is perfect – nope, not even you. Email copywriting mistakes

We all make mistakes, some large, some small, and some we’d rather not think about.

So what happens when you’ve finally finished your latest marketing email (that you’ve spent many painful hours working on), hit send and then spot a terrible typo, experience that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve just sent it to the wrong list, or you’ve got the decimal point in the wrong place in your offer and are now giving away a free gift worth £100 with every £30 flower arrangement?

The overwhelming urge could probably be to go and hide somewhere or perhaps leave the country.

But, as already mentioned, no one is perfect (not even your boss, no matter what they say), we’ve all made cock-ups, but it’s how you deal with them that matters.

Coping with mistakes

What do you do when things go wrong?

You can either:

  • Find a dark cupboard to hide in and hope no one notices
  • Spot your mistake, quickly correct it and then send the same email to the same people again (without an apology) and hope they don’t notice
  • Own up, admit your error, apologise and make it up to your customers

Let’s face it the first 2 aren’t really options if you want to keep your customers. Being big enough to say you’re sorry, taking the time to put it right and learning from the experience is always the best course of action.

A mistake will rarely lose you customers; how you deal with that mistake might.

Avoiding mistakes

Let’s be realistic here, mistakes are going to happen because we are all human.

However, there are a few things you can do to try and keep instances to a minimum.

1. Send a test email

If you are writing and checking the email, you can easily miss errors. So it’s best to send a test of the email out to a couple of colleagues so they can check through it for you and make sure all links etc., are working. That way, when the real email goes out, you’ll know it’s correct.

2. Browser preview

Emails will look different in different browsers. If you can, it’s best to test it first to make sure your layout isn’t compromised at all.

3. Take your time

The worst thing you can do is to leave it to the eleventh hour before you start working on your email.

Give yourself time to plan, write and check it – don’t leave it to the last minute.

Your email is an electronic representation of your business. Your customers’ perception of you will be shaped by it, its content and its presentation, so make sure you don’t disappoint them.





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