Do Your Values Match Your Website?

February 24th 2015       Sally Ormond       benefits led copywriting, company values, focus on your customer, website copy


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As a company owner, you love to shout about the values you hold dear.

You tell your website readers that you value your customers, go out of your way to provide the level of service they demand, your products and services are designed with your customers’ needs in mind…

Pretty standard stuff.

The problem is the rest of your website.

Is it displaying those values?

What is your website telling your customers?

OK, a prospective client has just landed on your website.

They navigate to your about page and read all about how you value your customers.


Then they head back to your home page to see whether you’ll be able to help them.



Your home page content is telling them all about your company’s growth over the past few years. Apparently, your turnover is the fastest growing in your sector. In fact you’ve developed an award winning company and you provide outstanding customer service…

Whoa, hang on a minute. You provide outstanding customer service? Do you really?

I’m not talking about when you’re dealing with your customers on a daily basis; I’m talking about how you (or at least your website) come across to potential new clients.

In one breath you’ve told them you value your customers and yet nowhere on your home page do you tell them how working with you will benefit their business.

Mixed messages?

Think about your customers

Too many companies still see their website as a digital platform from which they can shout about their achievements. All their content focuses on them and what they do.

You may not see anything wrong with that, but let me ask you something, who is reading your website?

You, or potential clients?

Hopefully, it is potential clients who have been searching the internet for a solution to a problem they are facing.

Your website came up in their search results and they clicked your link to see if you can help. The problem is, right now, they are faced with a company website that boasts about its achievements and shows no apparent interest in how it can help them.

The result?

They hit the back browser button and move onto one of your competitor’s websites and you’ve just lost a potential client.

It should be all about your customers

The moral of the story is if you want to attract and convince potential clients that you are the company that can help them, you must keep your home page focused on their needs. Think about:

  • Clearly showing what you do
  • Telling them how you will benefit them
  • If possible illustrate the benefits

Information about you and your company should be confined to your about page, but to make that as strong as possible relate everything you say back to your customer and how it benefits them.

Remember, your website is your digital shop window. It’s there to entice potential new customers by showing them how you are going to make them more successful, save them money, save them time, or whatever else it is they’re looking for.

Author – Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting Ltd

Tags: benefits led copywriting, company values, focus on your customer, website copy
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