Do You Find Marketing a Drag?

February 14th 2012       Sally Ormond       copywriter, copywriting tips, customer service, Marketing

If you run a business, marketing is a necessary evil.When marketing becomes a drag

For larger organisations, their dedicated marketing department will take care of everything for them, leaving the boss to concentrate on the more important things such as lunches, golf days and seeing how many tickets to the major sporting events he can get his hands on.

What happens when you work alone?

Like many entrepreneurs you have to do everything. You have to be the Operations Director, Financial Director, Marketing Director, Office Junior and tea boy/girl. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be an expert in all these areas, so how do you cope?

Marketing madness

Promoting your business can take on a number of forms, such as:

  • Brochures
  • Website
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Case studies
  • Press releases
  • Blogs and articles
  • Direct marketing

But do you really understand each of these fully?

Your marketing materials are vital for the survival of your business.

For most people, graphics is what first springs to mind and happily pay a small fortune for great designs. Grantes, a great design will grab your customers attention, but it won’t make them buy.

It is the words on your marketing materials that will convince someone to buy your product so you need to invest in both – graphics and copywriting.

To make the most of your materials you need to hire a professional copywriter – and that means someone who knows what they’re talking about and charges more than the cost of a tea bag. It’s very tempting to  thing Oh well, it’s only writing – this person charges £20 an hour, they’ll do.

But if you think like that you’ll be left with disappointing copy that won’t sell a bean.

Good copywriting that works doesn’t come cheap, but investing in it will pay you dividends. After all, your marketing materials are representing you, your brand and your business. Do you really want something substandard out there? What sort of message will that give potential customers?

Marketing Merry-go-round

The problem with marketing when you work alone, is that it never stops.

As soon as you’ve revamped your website, your brochures are out of date. Once you’ve sent out one newsletter you have to start thinking about the content for the next one. A new product launch means press releases and emails.

What happens one morning you wake up and can’t face it anymore?

Do you give yourself the day off, or do you find something else productive to do with your time?

Making a difference

There is one area that will set you apart from your competitors – customer service.

So, if you really can’t face another round of marketing, why not concentrate instead on your customer service?

When thinking about what it is your customers want. it’s probably the same things you want when you’re dealing with a company:

  • A company that’s pleased to be working with you and welcomes you
  • One that offers great advice
  • One that isn’t pushy
  • One that will go the extra mile
  • One that offers great after sales service and support

Exceptional customer service

Providing top-notch customer service will encourage people to come back time and time again and bring their friends with them.

Keeping in touch with opt-in emails, sending a ‘how are you’ card no and then, shows you as a company that values its customers.

So. when you next have one of those days when you really can’t face any more marketing, review your customer service instead – small changes can make a huge difference.



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