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March 17th 2015       Sally Ormond       business writing, copywriting, emotional buying, emotional copy


emotional copywriting


 “Are you serious?

 “Our business is a serious one; we don’t want copy littered with emotional triggers for goodness sake.

 “Our audience are professionals, well educated and intelligent. They want facts, facts, facts.”

Are you sure about that?

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you were educated or your socio-economic standing, emotion will play a big part in your decision-making.

How do you write emotionally?

You don’t.


Your writing doesn’t have to be emotional, but your message must resonate with your reader to evoke an emotional response.

No, that doesn’t mean you want them to burst into tears, or jump for joy. It means your copy must empathise with them.

Think about what you do and then think about how it affects your customer. I’m not just talking about in economic terms or business success (if you’re a B2B business), but in a wider context.

For example, how will they feel when your software has streamlined all their processes so they have more time to themselves?

Tell ‘em how it is

This approach takes practice and will be quite hard to start with.

If you’re a copywriter working with a client be prepared to ask the same question again and again. Most people don’t think in terms of the long-term effect of their product or service on their clients, so finding the hook you’re looking for will take time.

Think about the product and what it does. Then think about what would happen if it didn’t work, or how a customer would achieve the same ends without it (if it was possible).

That will then give you a strong base to start from.

It’s your job to help potential clients see through the fog and understand how much they are going to benefit from you product or service and there’s no better way to that than through emotional copy.



Tags: business writing, copywriting, emotional buying, emotional copy
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