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June 18th 2013       Sally Ormond       copywriting tips, what is copywriting

What is copywriting?

Well, it’s not all about red-hot grammar, spelling and punctuation, although that obviously helps.

Instead copywriting is about talking and engaging with your audience and showing them how much their lives would be improved with your product or service.

So, in any copywriting assignment, the 3 most important elements are:

  • Your audience
  • Your words
  • Your message

Forgetting to concentrate on any one of these will spell disaster.

Your audience

If you don’t research and understand who you are writing for, you can’t begin to find the right tone and approach that will engage them.

The style you use will depend on their demographic – you’ll present your copy one way to a group of teenagers and another to CEOs. That’s why it’s essential to understand who you are writing for.

Your words

The words you use are like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Get them right and you’ll end up with a message that fits your audience perfectly; get them wrong and you’ll end up with something that is ill-fitting and that falls flat on its face.

Every word you use has to count, so your message must be active and punchy so it resonates with your readers.

Oh, and before you sneak a look at your thesaurus to slip in a word that (you think) will make you look intelligent, don’t. Your audience will be bemused, your message will fail and they’ll wander off and buy from someone else.

Keep you language simple and clear.

Your message

What is it that you’re offering?

Even if you hire the best copywriter around, if you offer doesn’t tempt your audience your campaign won’t bear fruit.

Think about your product or service and work out what will make people buy. What is it’s major benefit? What is the one thing that your customers will get out of it that will make them want to buy? Once you’ve identified that, use it as your main message.

There is another element that comes to mind and that’s your timing.

If you’re product is seasonal, don’t leave the planning to the last minute. Make sure you get everyone on board early enough to think your campaign through properly because those that are thrown together at the last minute rarely work.

Each of these elements have to come together if it is to work. That’s what makes copywriting so collaboratively – no one can do it in isolation. The writer needs a client to provide information and insight into their industry and the client needs the skills of the copywriter to create a strong and eye-catching message.

So remember, when you start your next campaign:

  • Plan ahead
  • Think about who is your audience
  • Think about the words/tone
  • Think about your message



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