Concentrate on Conversions Not Traffic

September 25th 2014       Sally Ormond       conversions, copywriting, driving traffic, seo, website copy

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Most business owners are obsessed by the amount of traffic they get to their website.

You’ve no doubt heard them boasting at networking events about how many thousands of unique visitors they get month, figures at their finger tips because they check their analytics every week to boost their ego.

They smile smugly as they discover they have oodles more traffic than you do.

So what?

Yes, they may get tons of people visit their site, but the more important metric to consider is how many of those convert into customers.

What’s your traffic doing?

When you first launched your business online, your budget was probably fairly small. You commissioned an OK website and wrote the content yourself. With a bit of DIY SEO you started getting traffic.

The problem is that traffic is still coming, but your sales are floundering – your visitors aren’t converting into paying customers.

Why is that?

In a word – content.

You content is there to convert visitors into customers.

Think about it – if you had a High Street store with a great window display, potential customers would pop in to see what you could offer them. Once they get inside, if you products are displayed haphazardly and your sales team ignores them as they loiter in corners chatting about what their weekend plans are, they’ll turn around, walk out and go off to find a shop that’s more welcoming.

That’s what’s happening with your website.

Your SEO is drawing in the visitors, but your content is letting you down.

Convincing people to stay and buy

Your website content must:

  • Address your readers
  • Sell the benefits of your product or service
  • Convince them to buy

That means it must not be a monologue about how great your company is.

Your customers want to instantly see what you can offer them and how you will benefit them. That means writing in the second person to start building a relationships – because your writing ‘talks’ to them it’s the equivalent of a sales person maintaining eye contact with a potential customer.

Content and SEO – the perfect combination

Content and search engine optimsation go hand in hand. You have to find a copywriter who understands SEO and an SEO who understands the value of high quality content. Working together, they will be able to bring in the traffic you want and convert it into the customers you need.


Tags: conversions, copywriting, driving traffic, seo, website copy
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