Changing Your Call to Action Can Make a Big Difference

August 26th 2014       Sally Ormond       Call to action, content, Dell, Marketing


A call to action is essential if your marketing is to be successful. Without it there’s a very good chance that your potential customer will wander off and go and buy elsewhere.


It’s essential you tell your customer what you want them to do. You’ve just spent ages crafting fantastic content that outlines the benefits they’ll receive by using your product or service, so don’t let them disappear. Tell them to get in touch with you, to buy or to sign up for your newsletter.

The most common call to actions are the simple “Buy now” or “Learn more” buttons, but are they the most effective?

You see them everywhere so you probably think it is, but you’d be wrong.

Even the tech giant Dell used “Learn more”, that is until recently.

The problem Dell had was that the people browsing their website were already thinking about buying a computer so the term “Learn more” wasn’t really hitting the spot. They didn’t want to learn about them, they wanted to know which model was right for their needs.

With this quandary in mind Dell changed their “Learn more” call to action to “Help me choose”.

A simple change, but one that instantly gave Dell’s customers want they wanted – help in choosing the right computer.

Brilliant. So brilliant in fact that Dell saw their sales increase by a massive $25 million.


Call to action review

OK, to be honest, reviewing and tweaking your calls to action may not result in a $25 million boost in sales, but it could still have a very positive effect.

Rather than sticking in a standard call to action willy-nilly, think about where your customers are in the buying process and what will be most relevant to them.

Do they need help choosing, do they need more information, or are they ready to buy?

Your writing must support them in their decision making, so if you can match what you’re saying with what they’re thinking you’ve got an excellent chance of making a sale.


Tags: Call to action, content, Dell, Marketing
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