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September 10th 2013       Sally Ormond       social media and customer service, Twitter and business, Twitter as a communication tool, using Twitter to boost your business

Social media is part and parcel of today’s marketing landscape. If you’re not tweeting, Facebooking or Pinteresting, you’re missing out on a potential marketing goldmine. Social media and business

Twitter is especially useful when it comes to customer service. Being such an instant form of communication, many customers use it to ask questions, or vent frustration. That’s why it’s essential you man your Twitter account so you can respond quickly.

In a recent report in The Drum, it was announced that about 71% of companies were still ignoring customer complaints that came through Twitter. It then went on to say that in a survey by Maritz Research, only 29% of people who has tweeted a company with a complaint got a reply:

The American research looked at 1,298 consumers over the age of 18 who frequently tweet and have used the micro-blogging site to complain about a specific product, service, brand or company.

  • 49% of respondents had expected the company to read their tweet
  • 64.9% of older tweeters (aged 55+) expected a reply
  • 38.4% of younger tweeters (18-24 year olds) expected a reply

Of those who received a response form a company, 34.7% were very satisfied and 39.7% were somewhat satisfied with the response.

While 86.4% said they would love/like it if the company had got back to them regarding their specific complaint, 63.3% said they wouldn’t like or would hate if it the company contacted them about something other than their complaint.

Tweets are powerful

In the good old days, if a customer had a complaint they would pick up the phone, write you a letter or visit your office/shop. Because they would actually ‘speak’ (unless they wrote in) to a member of staff, their complaint wouldn’t go unnoticed.

But now it’s a bit different. Twitter offers an instant outlet for frustration that not only will the company see (assuming they monitor their Twitter feed), but also other followers.

The research we mentioned earlier also showed that 84% of people liked it when companies responded to their tweets. The simple act of ‘listening’ to your Twitter followers can help you boost customer satisfaction levels.

But if, as a company, you’re going to use social media, it’s essential you monitor it carefully.

A quick response to a tweet can turn a potentially bad situation into a positive experience. You will instantly be seen as a company that cares and listens to its customers.

So make sure you’re not one of the 71%:

  • Monitor Twitter for any mention of your brand
  • Respond quickly to tweets
  • Avoid Twitter arguments
  • A quick (but considered) response can turn a bad situation into a good one

Do you use Twitter for your business?

What has been your experience? Leave a comment below and tell us how you get on with it and whether it’s had a positive or negative impact on your business.


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Tags: social media and customer service, Twitter and business, Twitter as a communication tool, using Twitter to boost your business
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