3 Things You Need to Know About Content Marketing

March 14th 2013       Sally Ormond       adding value through content, content marketing tips, getting your content read

For many, content marketing is seen as one of online marketing’s necessary evils. Rules of content marketing

Yes, it brings greater visibility, higher rankings (with a bit of luck) and a potential boost to customer service, which all helps your bottom line. But it does mean you either have to find the time to write the stuff yourself, delegate or hire in the services of a copywriter.

The other big aspect is that it will only work if people can find your articles, so how can you make sure your writing is being found and being read?

On the surface that sounds like a tough one, but the following points should help.

Over here!

If only your blog posts and articles could jump up and down to grab the attention of potential readers. Well they can’t, but by checking your Google analytics you should be able to spot how many people are viewing your pages. If there aren’t that many it’s probably because your content isn’t appearing very high up in the search results.

Take a look at the keywords you’re targeting and compare them to terms that could be used if people were searching for information on that subject by asking colleagues and friends terms they would use. Then make sure those words are used and appear in the META tags and descriptions.

Be relevant

Take a look at your bounce rate. If it’s sky high it’s an indication that your content isn’t giving people what they need.

Every post you write must offer your readers something. It could be top tips, a how to guide, commentary on what’s happening in your industry or something along those lines. So make sure you think carefully before you write and think is this adding value to my readers? Will they get something from this? And make sure everything you write is of benefit to them and not an ‘in your face’ sales pitch for your company.

Add value

We’ve already mentioned that everything you write must be beneficial to your readers, but you also have to add value to your information by backing up what you say. Using statistics, quoting people etc., all adds substance to your writing as do including templates and linking out to other relevant articles.


Writing great content is vital for every business because it helps people identify you as an expert in your field, gives you greater visibility on the internet and it will generate more links to your website. But to make the most of it everything you write must be written with your reader in mind.


Tags: adding value through content, content marketing tips, getting your content read
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